“Boom! Big deal, right?”—I-Team’s Melissa Block and others ask if Trump is the real deal

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In an interview with The I-Team, Melissa Block, the network’s executive producer, explores why we should believe President Trump when he claims he’s the “king of politics.”

We talk to the I-team’s Melissa Ryan, and we ask whether President Trump is in fact a King of Politics.

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Read the transcript of the interview here.

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Subscribe to our podcast feeds:The I.M.A.C., a nonpartisan advocacy group for the American Indian, Black, and Pacific Islander community, said the IOMA has sent a letter to the White House seeking more details about the president’s tax returns.

The IOMC wrote in a statement that “the IOMD has no legal authority to require the release of the President’s tax return.”

In the interview, Block asked why Trump had not released his tax returns before his inauguration, and whether his decision to keep his tax records secret was a “bombshell” that would “put our country at risk.”

Block also said that Trump had told her “he will be released if he’s released.”

“I’m not sure that I would believe him,” she added.

“I’ve never heard him say he’s going to release anything.”

A spokesperson for the White, House Office of Government Ethics said in a response to the questions that the White Houses policy “is to make the president available to all relevant officials.” Read more:


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