Facebook’s new Privacy Policy is just like Amazon’s 72944x

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Facebook’s newest privacy policy is the most recent in a string of privacy-centric updates for the social media giant, and it comes at a time when Amazon’s policy is under fire for violating its own privacy standards.

Facebook’s new privacy policy covers its entire business, from the way it manages the vast majority of your personal data to how it deals with the data it collects about you.

The company has not yet shared any details about how the policy will affect Facebook’s advertising, but the updated policy does include a few important points.

First, Facebook says it does not sell your data to third parties, but rather to the company it partners with to create your personalized ads.

It also notes that your information is kept confidential and is protected by data security protections.

Second, the new policy requires that you create a “clear, concise, and accurate description of how you use the Facebook Platform and how you are using it to help you connect with your friends and connect with other people.”

Third, the privacy policy clarifies that the privacy settings you choose will not affect the way the platform handles your personal information.

The Facebook policy says that Facebook does not share your information with third parties except as needed to perform their obligations under law.

Fourth, the updated privacy policy provides a clear explanation of how Facebook collects and uses your data.

It says that “your personal information is not shared, stored, or otherwise used to create, process, manage, or deliver targeted advertising, including through Facebook advertising tools.

Instead, Facebook uses this information to help advertisers understand and target their ad campaigns more effectively.

For example, Facebook may use information you provide to us to contact you or provide you with information about products or services.

You can change your settings for targeted advertising and opt out of targeted advertising from your Facebook account at any time.

For more information about Facebook’s privacy policy, read our explainer.

Amazon’s Privacy PolicyThe most recent privacy policy for Amazon came after several months of legal battles, and the company’s response was one of the most comprehensive and comprehensive.

The Amazon Privacy Policy includes the same basic information you’ll find in Amazon’s updated privacy document, but it also makes a few changes.

First of all, the revised Amazon privacy policy says it doesn’t collect or store your information.

Amazon says that it only uses your information to: manage your shopping experience, help you discover new products and services, and serve personalized advertising.

Second of all it says that Amazon does not use information to analyze or track you personally, and that it will only share your data with the companies that provide your personalized ad platform, like Facebook, that your preferences are aligned with.

Third, Amazon says it is required to disclose to you information about any third party that it collects information about, including information that it does or does not receive from Amazon.

Fourth of all the Amazon privacy statement says that the information you share with us is strictly confidential.

Amazon did not respond to a request for comment about the revised privacy policy.

BuzzFeed News contacted Amazon and Facebook for comment on the new privacy policies, but neither responded.

Buzzfeed’s review of the new Amazon privacy policies was not favorable, and our review of Amazon’s Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy was also not favorable.

Amazon Privacy Statement


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