FourFourFourTwo: What you need to know about agent registration and login passwords

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A couple of weeks ago, we reported that the service was starting to drop the idea of a password for agents and instead allowing them to use their Facebook profile as a login for their own.

Now we’ve got some more info on how that’s going to work.

The change is being made to a Facebook page, but the process is very straightforward.

Agents can now simply click on the ‘Like’ button and sign up to their Facebook page.

Once that’s done, they will have a password that is automatically generated for them based on their Facebook account, and it will only expire once they login to Facebook again.

There is no limit to how long it will remain on the Facebook account.

Agent registration has always been an annoyance, but now that Facebook is removing it, it will make agents more secure and less of a hassle to sign up for.

Facebook has also made it easier for agents to find other Facebook pages that offer similar services, including ones with a ‘Facebook page builder’ option.

The new process will make it easier to find new agents and agents can also check out the profiles of those that they’ve added to their agent registration.

Agents will also be able to choose the login password for their Facebook accounts, and that will be used for the next step in their account creation process.

If you have any questions about Facebook’s new agent registration system, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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