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The latest version of Iced Capacitor, an ICO marketplace platform designed to offer cryptocurrency traders an easy way to buy, sell, and exchange crypto, is live.

The service was first announced by ICO platform Coincheck in October.

ICashcard, the Iced-Capacitors most important ICO, was launched on January 10, 2018 and is now the official IcedCoin service.

IcedCap is offering an ICO token to token buyers, with an ICO price cap of 0.25 Bitcoin, 0.50 Ethereum, 0,50 Litecoin, and 0.75 Dash.

This is the only ICO that IcedCoins ICO token holders can buy and sell in the official marketplace.

This way, the ICO is a one-stop shop for ICO token buyers.

For example, the following ICOs are currently available on IcedCaps ICO token platform: Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash: Litecoin, Dash and Ethereum are now listed on the official ICO platform.

The main ICOs listed on IcingCapacits platform are:1.










Bitcoin Cash.13.


Ethereum Classic.15.

Bitcoin (BTC).16.

Bitcoin Core.17.

Bitcoin XT.18.

Bitcoin Classic.19.

Ethereum Litecoin.20.

Bitcoin X11.21.

Ethereum Zcash.22.

Bitcoin Gold.23.

Bitcoin Ethereum Classic Litecoin (ETC).24.

Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash (BCH).25.

Bitcoin BTC.26.

Bitcoin ETH.27.

Bitcoin Dash.28.

Bitcoin Litecoin.(ETC)29.

Bitcoin LTC.30.

Bitcoin DASH.31.

Bitcoin BCH.32.

Bitcoin ETC.33.

Bitcoin NEM.34.

Bitcoin Zcash.(ET)35.

Bitcoin Stellar.36.

Bitcoin ethereum.37.

Bitcoin Ether.(ETH)38.

Bitcoin NEO.39.

Bitcoin USD.40.

Bitcoin BitShares.41.

Bitcoin RSK.42.

Bitcoin WTS.43.

Bitcoin QTUM.44.

Bitcoin Ripple.45.

Bitcoin Fidelity.46.

Bitcoin Monero.47.

Bitcoin NXT.48.

Bitcoin DAO.49.

Bitcoin SPARK.50.

Bitcoin GDAX.51.

Bitcoin BTCC.52.

Bitcoin Kraken.53.

Bitcoin URBAN.54.

Bitcoin Ponzi.55.

Bitcoin Iconomi.56.

Bitcoin ICO.57.

Bitcoin Tether.58.

Bitcoin CryptoNote.59.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.60.

Ethereum CryptoNote XE.61.

Ethereum EOS.62.

Ethereum Ethereum Classic (ETCC).63.

Ethereum XEM.64.

Ethereum NEM Classic (EMCC).65.

Ethereum NXT.66.

Ethereum BTS.67.

Ethereum CNY.68.

Ethereum DASH, Dash.69.

Ethereum NEO.70.

Ethereum LTC, LiteCoin, Dash, EthereumClassic, Ethereum.71.

Ethereum UEX.72.

Ethereum PPC.73.

Ethereum ETHX.74.

Ethereum GDA.75.

Ethereum Tether ETHX, ETC, ETHXET.76.

Ethereum DAO (Ethereum Classic).77.

Ethereum ICON.78.

Ethereum QTU.79.

Ethereum XT.80.

Ethereum Bitcoin (XBTC).81.

Ethereum Dash.82.

Ethereum Monero (XMR).83.

Ethereum Ether.84.

Ethereum BitShares (XBT).85.

Ethereum OTC.86.

Ethereum JMD.87.

Ethereum BTC.88.

Ethereum VIA.89.

Ethereum Ripple.90.

Ethereum Bitshares (XBM).91.

Ethereum Fidelity (FMI).92.

Ethereum Waves.93.

Ethereum Qtum.94.

Ethereum Kraken.95.

Ethereum NuBits.96.

Ethereum Komodo.97.

Ethereum Vertcoin.98.

Ethereum Chain.99.

Ethereum Peercoin.100.

Ethereum Myriad.101.

Ethereum MRO.102.

Ethereum Feather.103.

Ethereum Cryptocurrencies.104.

Ethereum Bytecoin.105.

Ethereum Stellar (XS).106.

Ethereum DigiByte.107.

Ethereum Gnosis.108.

Ethereum Namecoin.109.

Ethereum Lumina.110.

Ethereum SALT.111.

Ethereum Kovan.112.

Ethereum Dogecoin.113.

Ethereum Decred.114.

Ethereum Quark.115.

Ethereum RUB.116.

Ethereum Ardor.117.

Ethereum Storj.118.

Ethereum Augur.119.

Ethereum Swarm.120.

Ethereum Tron.121.

Ethereum Zerocoin.122.

Ethereum Octacoin.123.

Ethereum Hyperledger Fabric.124.

Ethereum Core.125.

Ethereum Metropolis.126.

Ethereum Parity.


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