How to get registered as an agent in Taiwan

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An agent registration service is an online process where an individual can register to register their services as an internet service provider.

Agents have to prove they are legal residents of Taiwan to be registered and they must also register for their own internet services.

The process is easy, and it is currently open to all citizens of Taiwan.

It can be done on a smartphone app, but this requires a separate app.

Here’s how to get started.

Agents are required to register with Taiwan’s Government of National Defense (GNRD) and their agency(s).

This means they must register with the relevant government, which will then send an application to the relevant service provider for approval.

Agents will then need to fill out an application form which must be signed by at least one representative of the agent’s agency.

Agence France-Presse/Getty ImagesAgence Française/GettyImagesAgence Francaise – Getty ImagesAgent Françaiser/GettyAgency registration is free for citizens of mainland China and Hong Kong, and will cost ¥1,200 ($1,923) for a two-year registration.

Agents can register for an additional service of ¥600 ($872) per year for a service of 1.6 million hours (1.6 terabytes) or ¥2,500 ($3,094) for one terabyte (1,717,722 gigabytes).

This service is available in English and Chinese.

The service is only available to Taiwanese and foreign citizens.

This service is not available in the United States.

Agent France-Getty ImagesAgent registration is required for certain types of internet services, such as video conferencing, and for services of up to one gigabyte (GB) in size, such a Skype, YouTube, Netflix, and other applications.

It is also required for services that require users to be connected to a computer and other services that allow for data transfer.

Agents also must be registered with the Taiwan Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TPRC) for internet-related services.

To find out more about the process, check out our guide to becoming an agent.


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