How to register a commercial agent in India

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The country’s biggest telecoms company, Niti Aayog, on Thursday announced its intention to launch a new service in India to register and manage commercial agents.

The service, which will initially be available to small and medium businesses, will help with the registration of agents in India.

The agency will be able to conduct the required business and will be registered with the relevant regulatory authorities.

The service is expected to be rolled out in the next three months.

Niti Aankog chairman and managing director Amitabh Kant had said that India was facing “a crisis” in terms of its regulatory and financial environment and that it would take a lot of time to create a robust regulatory environment.

“We will be opening a new commercial agent portal in the coming months,” Kant said.

The launch of the new service, he added, was a part of NitiAayog’s push to address a growing number of regulatory and commercial challenges that are facing the telecom industry in India and beyond.