How to register an agent with a ksRTC agent service provider

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You can register an Agent Registration Service (AS) with a provider of KSARTC agents, as well as with any other agent registration service provider that provides a mobile phone or internet access service.

Agents registered by the AS provider can only use the mobile phone and internet service to register with the AS service provider.

You can also register your mobile phone by calling 1800 222 024.

If you want to register your internet service you can call 1800 222 011.

Agents can use this information to register a mobile and internet address and to set up their service.

If they register with an AS provider, they also need to register the mobile and Internet Service (IS) number.

Agents must be at least 18 years old and live in Queensland.

Agents who register with another AS provider must be registered with the other AS provider in order to use their service provider’s mobile phone services.

If your agent is under 18 years of age, you can get a consent form and pay the registration fee at a later date.

Agents may also need their agent registration information to set their agent up and set up a mobile.

The fee is the same for all agents, except for those aged 18 and over.

You must provide all the information and provide the correct forms to register and set-up a mobile or internet address.

You cannot register a new mobile or a new internet service unless you are also registered with an existing mobile or the internet service provider does not have a mobile number for you.

You need to give the information to the AS, and pay a fee.

You may also be asked to provide additional details if the information you supply is different to the information that was previously provided to the agent.

If the information provided is different, you must inform the AS of the difference.

If an agent has not provided the required information or if the agent is using a mobile to register or set-Up, it can take more than one time to register.

You should not use the agent registration process to register for services provided by a mobile operator that is not part of the ksSA and you will not be able to use the AS registration process or any other AS process to set- up services provided to you by a ksaRTC service provider to register mobile services or mobile phone, or to set your mobile to receive text messages.

If a mobile service provider fails to provide information on a mobile registration form, the agent must use the application to get the required form.

If any agent fails to comply with the requirements of the AS or any of the provisions of this document, the ksaACT will issue a warning.

If no penalty is imposed on the agent for failing to comply, the notice will state the reason for the failure to comply and the reasons for not following the AS process.

This document outlines the AS processes for mobile registration.

If there is a delay in the process, the information is available online.

A notice is issued for each day that is between 2pm and 6pm.

If another AS service is not available, the application will be processed as follows: The agent will be contacted by the KSAACT within 14 working days of the first notification of failure.

The agent may choose to take their application online.

If that option is selected, the service will be opened and the application can be submitted online or by phone.

If it is a phone application, the online application will also be processed, but it will take longer to process.

If both online and phone applications are accepted, the phone application will have to be submitted to the KsaACT by phone and sent to the phone number provided by the phone provider.

If all applications are rejected, the KSC will make a determination about whether to charge the agent with an infringement notice.

This notice can be obtained from the KsSA.

The KSA is responsible for collecting and processing complaints and enforcing the Terms of Service of the mobile service.

This includes providing information on the conditions of use of the service and enforcing their compliance.

A complaint can be filed with the KCA by calling 1300 728 030.

The complaints are dealt with by the Department of Communications and the KSMTAC.

If anyone has a problem with the application process, they can contact the Department on 1800 222 061.

If people do not pay the fine or any penalty, the Department will not take action.

However, the Minister will be notified of any payment that is outstanding.

If: there is no telephone number for the agent to call or the agent does not send the application electronically, they may be contacted directly by the Ministry of Human Services.

They can also pay the administrative fee by calling the Human Services Customer Service line on 1800 764 668.

If more than 3 weeks have passed between the last notification of a problem and the time the complaint is taken to be considered, the complaint can still be considered and a person can be fined.

If this happens more than a week after the notice of the problem was sent to them, the person can also


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