How to Register Your Airline Agents and Registration Fees

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The airline agent process for agents is easy to understand, and it can help you avoid unnecessary fees and make your agent experience a little easier.

You must:Be an authorized agent for the airline you are applying forThe airline you want to apply for is a participating airlineYou must have the required registration and approval documents to register with the airlineYou will be required to provide all the information necessary to register for your airline and be a registered agent for that airline, such as name, date of birth, email address, phone number, and a passport.

You must also submit a letter of intent for each of the airline’s properties that you will be working for, including the properties you are seeking to represent.

If you don’t have the documents you need, you can still apply.

You will have to provide proof of your airline agent registration if you don:Provide documentation that you are an authorized airline agentThe airline is a registered member of the American Board of Travel Agents, Inc. (ABTA)The airline’s registration information is current and accurate at the time of the applicationYou can also register as an agent at the Airline Agent Registration site.

You’ll need to create an account, register, and submit your application to participate in the Airplane Agent Registration process.

You can do this online, by calling the agent office or by filling out an online application.

The agent office will contact you within two weeks of completing your application.

If you’re not sure how long it will take, call the agent at 888-829-6227 or send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Requesting Agent Status.”

If you register, you must provide a completed form that shows your name, dates of birth and the dates of your flight, the name of the agent who is registering with you, and the agent’s phone number.

The form must be sent to the agent in person at the agent agent office at least 15 days prior to the registration deadline.

The agents office will verify your name and the date of your registration.

The agent will provide the name, agent number, contact information, and agent status of the registered agent, as well as any other information required for your application, such to verify the information provided.

You can apply for the agent registration online at, by mail, or in person, provided that you provide a copy of your completed application and the forms required for the registration.

If the agent is a current and valid member of ABTA, you will need to provide the information and documents required to be registered.

If an agent is not a current member of one of ABAA’s registered associations, you need to complete a new application form for each association.

If ABTA does not allow you to complete an application form, you’ll need another form to complete the application.

For example, if ABTA’s association with the United Airlines of America (UAA) does not permit you to submit an application, you may complete an ABAA application form by phone or mail.

The registration fee for an agent registration is $200, payable in cash, or by check.

The fee will be due to ABTA when you apply for registration.

Once you’ve registered as an airline Agent, you are responsible for paying all applicable air carrier registration fees.

To find out if your airline has air carrier air carrier fees, call 800-543-8333 or visit the air carrier agent registration page.

If your airline doesn’t charge air carrier and other registration fees to agents, it may not be in compliance with the Air Carrier Registration Act of 2018.

If your airline does not comply with the Act, you should contact the FAA and the Office of Air Transportation Standards to determine whether the carrier is in compliance.

If the carrier isn’t in compliance, you could lose your air carrier license and lose your ability to fly under a specific air carrier.

The FAA may also be able to cancel your air company license.

If a carrier doesn’t have air carrier carrier registration, the FAA will determine whether your airline is in violation of the Air Transportation Safety Administration’s air carrier regulations.

The Air Carrier Safety Act requires that all air carriers comply with regulations for aircraft that carry passengers, property, or hazardous materials.

If any air carrier or air carrier owner is in noncompliance with the regulations, the air transportation safety agency may order the carrier to cease operations, suspend operations, or otherwise discipline the carrier for the violation.

If there is a conflict between the Air carrier Safety Act and the Air Traffic Control Act, the Air Transport Safety Administration will determine the appropriate course of action.

For information about Air Carrier Security


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