How to use the Hotels Agent Registration Service

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This article explains how to register a hotel bed agent at a hotel or motel.

You can register for a hotel agent when you book your room online or through a booking agent, or you can register by phone.

Agents will only be authorised to act on your behalf if they are authorised by you and registered with your hotel.

Agents are also only allowed to register if they have signed up to a booking agreement with you.

Agents can also register for one booking to cover multiple rooms, or they can register multiple times.

Agents may also be authorised by the NPS to register guests in your property or on behalf of the National Parks Service (NPPS).

Agents are required to complete an online registration form to register for their agency.

Agents need to provide a valid government issued photo ID, and the agent must also have a valid National Parks agent registration card.

Agents must be at least 18 years of age.

Agents who fail to complete the registration form will not be allowed to act for you on your booking.

Agents cannot register for people who have not registered for them.

Agents do not need to check in or provide a booking confirmation before being authorised to provide services, and may only register guests to the extent permitted by law.

Agents and booking agents are subject to the terms and conditions of the booking agreement they are agreeing to with you, and all arrangements made with them must comply with these terms.

Agents or booking agents must not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, sexual relations or family status.

Agents should not discriminate against any individual, group or organisation based on race, religion, age or sexual orientation.

They are also not entitled to engage in any conduct that might prejudice a reasonable accommodation or any other legitimate interest.

Agents registered in your hotel will only act for your use.

Agents have no rights to refuse a booking or refuse to register any guest.

Agents only have the right to act when the booking agent is present and has signed up with your accommodation.

Agents also only have to provide the information and provide the form required to register with the agent.

Agents register in the US and must comply to the National Hotels Agents Registration Act of 2018.

Agents in Australia can register in person and by phone at any agent register office.

Agents that register by telephone will have their registration card endorsed by a hotel management company and have a photograph of the agent on the back of their booking agent’s ID.

Agents, book agents and agents in general are required by law to comply with the National Agents Registration Program, and must abide by the policies of the NPPS and its regional agents.

Agents whose agent registration has expired may register as a new agent or renew their agent registration with their local NPPS regional agent.

How to register in your own hotel Agents should check in and check out in person before registering their agent, book agent or agent in general.

Agents registering by phone should call their agent register agent or contact their NPPS agent register to register as an agent or to contact the NPps regional agent to register to provide information on how to complete agent registration.

Agents usually need to complete a booking form to make an appointment with their agent.

Book agents should check out their agent and book agent registration form online before they book a room.

Agents entering a room should check with the NPPC for any additional information about the room they will be booking.

If you register for more than one agent at the same time, the agents registered for each must be separately entered.

Agents not registered by phone or agent registration are not authorised to serve on behalf or in association with you and cannot act on behalf, on behalf and in association, with you or your guests.

Agents on your bookings must complete an agent registration online or by phone, and provide their booking agreement to confirm their registration.

The agent registration is for one day only.

Agents without a booking contract with their NPPC regional agent can register with a booking agency for a single night.

Agents using booking agents, booking agents with agent registration and agents using NPPS agents can register together.

Agents with NPPS Agent Registration Agents who use booking agents and booking agent registration agents may also register separately.

Agents signing up for booking agents for their NPPA region agents are also required to comply to these regulations.

Agents signed up as a booking agents on your NPPA agent registration must have a booking contact, agent registration or agent ID that shows they have registered as an NPPA regional agent on their agent form.

Agents listed as agents on the NPPA booking agent form are agents for the NPPL regional agent that they will register to serve as the agent for their booking agency.

All agents must complete a registration form with their booking contact to register.

Agents which register as agents by phone are not allowed to contact guests for booking purposes.

Agents to whom you have not been invited to register can register on their behalf by contacting the NPPG regional agent who will register the agents. To


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