Immigration agent registration agent arrested in Israel

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Israel has arrested a man who was allegedly registered as an agent for an immigration agency in a case that the government said violated a prohibition against registering people as agents.

According to an arrest warrant obtained by The Jerusalem Times, Yisrael Bezalel-Yafo was arrested Monday in the southern city of Netanya, near the border with Jordan.

The warrant also names Bezals agent, Ashraf Bezalm, and another man as suspects.

A spokeswoman for the Israel Border Police said BezAL was detained in the town of A-Kol and taken to a police station in the area of Kerem Shalom.

The spokesperson said she could not confirm whether he had a lawyer.

BezALS agent Ashraf was arrested on Tuesday at his home in Netanya after the warrant was issued.

The immigration agency, which operates under the umbrella of the Israeli Immigration Service, has not responded to requests for comment.

Netanya is located near the southern border with Egypt and Jordan.

In 2012, Israel imposed a ban on registering people who are registered agents.

The ban was imposed in the wake of a 2006 report by the government that concluded that immigration agencies registered and deported hundreds of thousands of Palestinian citizens, Palestinians, and immigrants in the country.

The report cited cases in which agents registered as agents to facilitate illegal entry, and said the number of illegal entries rose after the ban.

The ministry of interior in 2014 said it would be reviewing the report and could not provide details about the circumstances under which the agency was registered.

The new immigration law, which went into effect on Monday, requires all agents to complete a training program, pay a fee, and obtain a license, according to a draft of the law obtained by the Times.

The draft also requires agents to obtain authorization from the Interior Ministry, a ministry spokesperson told the newspaper.

In addition, the draft stipulates that agents should complete a criminal history check and provide proof of their legal residency in the past.

The move comes as Israel faces a surge of illegal immigrants and as a result of the ongoing wave of deportations.

In June, at least 9,000 people were arrested, the majority of them for minor offenses such as trespassing or drug possession.

The government has also begun to deport people who entered Israel illegally or illegally crossed the border.

The government has deported thousands of people, and the number is expected to increase this year.


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