MagicBricks: Agence Registrador, a new company from a Mexican entrepreneur, aims to help you register for your own domain name 1api

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MagicBrick, the name registrar and domain name platform, is now a publicly traded company in Spain, and it is the first to open a new office in Mexico.

In a press release, MagicBucks CEO Jorge M. Castañeda announced the news at the annual C2C Expo, held this week in Madrid.

“The growth in Mexico is unprecedented, and we’re happy to be here,” Castaño told reporters, “and to collaborate with Agence Registration, Agence de Registrijano de Mexico, and the government of Mexico to make the registration process a bit more convenient and accessible.”

Castañañeda added that the company is looking forward to expanding its operations in Mexico, which are currently dominated by the dominant online registrar Agence Nacional de la Registra.

“We want to help the country get registered, and now we are doing that by providing a platform that will help us with this task,” Castrañeda said.

Castraño’s announcement comes after a year of consolidation in the industry.

In May, Magicbricks filed for an initial public offering (IPO) at a valuation of $40 million, but the IPO was suspended by regulators in Mexico and the U.S. in response to allegations that the platform had not adequately disclosed its ownership and control of the domain name registries.

At the time, Magicbuck was a separate entity from Agence Registry.

At one point, it was owned by a number of smaller entities, including a small business in the United Kingdom that bought it from a Chinese company.

In October 2016, Agences Registrars International (AIS), a Spanish company that also owns Agence registrars in the U, took over the company.

The move sparked outrage in Mexico’s business community, and Mexican lawmakers are currently trying to push the country’s parliament to investigate the Agence registerrries for allegedly colluding with the Mexican government to prevent domain names from being registered in Mexico in 2016.

In February, Casta and his team also launched the MagicBacks Mexico office, which will focus on assisting registered companies in the country to manage their own domain names.

“This is the beginning of an important collaboration with the government and the industry to help companies register and protect their domain names in Mexico,” Castaañeda told reporters.

“As the first company to open its own offices in Mexico for the first time, we are confident we can make an impact and make this process more convenient.”

The company is offering a 30-day registration, but it also says that users can register their domain name directly for free.

The registration process can take a little over a day, but after that, users can sign up for a “magic bricks” account to receive their registration information.

The company will also provide free domain name registration service in the future, and will continue to provide a free service in Mexico to other countries.

In addition, the company says that it will continue offering free registration services in Spain.

“Mexico is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and in the next few years we hope to be able to serve all its citizens and businesses with a better and faster experience, making the process of registration easier for them,” Casteañeda wrote.

“With this new partnership, we can now make registration even easier and more convenient for people all over the world.”

The launch comes at a time when the Mexican economy is in a recession, and there has been a wave of online abuse against the country.

The country has been battling a string of corruption scandals over the past year, with authorities claiming that up to 50 percent of the country is under criminal investigation for money laundering.

“Agence Registraro de Mexico” (Agence de Registration) has long been a target for online abuse, and Casta Nieto has been trying to stamp out such practices through the use of “magic buckets” to block certain websites.

As of June, the government had issued 1,600 “magic bucket” orders, which allow individuals to block the domains of suspected criminals or corrupt officials.

The government is also cracking down on foreign websites that host pirated movies, television shows, or music, and is also looking into how the domain registries are being used to promote foreign films.

As the news of CastaÑs partnership with Agences registrar broke, many companies that had previously blocked access to their domains in Mexico took to Twitter to say that they were considering switching to a new registrar for their domains.

“You can find a new hosting provider in Mexico with a good reputation,” tweeted @narcodepot.

“Thanks to the new Agence registered domain, I can start hosting my own content,” tweeted one user named El Jefe.

“And I can also support my local brand through a new domain


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