Malaysian airlines will allow passengers to use SpiceJet, BC agent registration

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Malaysia Airlines has announced that it will allow passenger use of SpiceJet and BC agents for flights originating in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

The Malaysian airlines said in a statement on Wednesday that the decision will allow SpiceJet passengers to register and use the services from Malaysia Airlines and the respective airlines will also be able to access their bank account details for use in their booking process.

The announcement comes as the airlines have struggled with the arrival of passengers to Kuala Lumpur from Hong Kong, Singapore and other destinations, and they are now in a situation where they need to allow their flights to reach a new destination.

Malaysian airlines have been in a difficult spot in recent months as the arrival in Hong Kong has been met with high demand.

The airline has faced a slew of complaints from the public and regulators about the quality of the food on board and the safety of the crew.

Malaysian airline passengers can now also use the SpiceJet agent registration and BC agent registrations as long as they have registered with the respective airline.

Malaysian Airlines said it will now allow Spicejet and BC customers to use the service by using the same registration number.

Malaysian Airways said it was working with BC airlines to ensure that the customers are allowed to travel to Singapore and Malaysia without any restrictions. 

In a statement, Malaysian Airlines chief executive officer Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the airline has taken the decision in line with the recommendations of the Malaysian Safety Council. 

“The Malaysian government has recommended that the airlines should provide sufficient capacity for their passengers.

This has resulted in the airline providing capacity for SpiceJet flights to Singapore,” he said. 

Malaysia Airlines has said that SpiceJet will be the only carrier to operate SpiceJet service in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. 

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