Microsoft makes a new AI-powered browser for Android users

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Today marks the first time that Microsoft has created a browser for the Android platform, and it’s also the first day of official Windows Phone app launch for the platform.

The Windows Phone App Store is a place where developers can submit their apps for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 10, and Microsoft has been working with developers to help them get their apps approved for the operating system.

Microsoft has announced that the company is working on an Android-only version of its Office suite of apps, though Microsoft has also made clear that the browser for Windows 10 Mobile will be a separate app for the OS.

The launch of a browser on Android means that developers have a place to release their apps to Windows 10 users, and the company says that it plans to continue adding new apps to the platform on a regular basis.

Microsoft is working with partners to add more new apps on Windows 10 and Windows 10 for Android in the coming months, but we should see more apps to come in the near future.

Microsoft’s Office 365 for Windows app for Android is currently available for Windows Phones and Windows Phites.

The company also announced today that it will also be launching its own app for Windows PCs called OneDrive for Android.

Windows 10 is available for free on PCs and tablets, but you can buy it with in-app purchases.

Microsoft recently updated its Windows app store to support Windows 10, though the company hasn’t made it as easy to use for developers as the mobile app for iOS.

Microsoft also released an app to let developers add their apps on Android devices and Windows devices, though there is no way to add them to the Windows Store app yet.


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