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Nairabet, the agent-registered company that allows users to register with Myeg, has been hit with a class action lawsuit by customers who say the company’s registration process for agents is inadequate and that agents are forced to sign agreements that do not conform to its own policies and guidelines.

The suit, filed in US District Court in the District of Columbia on Monday, alleges that Nairabis agents are unable to access Myeg’s platform and its service without registering with Nairaet. 

Nairabet has denied the claims.

The complaint was filed in a US district court in Washington, DC, on behalf of more than 1,000 Myeg members. 

In its filing, the suit, which was first reported by Business Insider, states that while Nairabots registration form is not the most straightforward and user-friendly, it does include a link to “the registration form for a Myeg agent.”

The suit adds that the link is for “a Myeg Agent, not a Myeeg Agent.” 

The complaint also states that “Nairabot registration is not a voluntary process, but rather, a requirement of Myeg Agents.” 

“Myeg Agents and Myeg Online Agents are required to sign contracts and agree to the terms and conditions of the Myeeket agent registration form,” the complaint states.

“Nailabot agents cannot use the agent form without signing the agreement.” 

According to the suit (pdf), the agent contract does not specify a minimum number of agents to be registered, nor do they state how many agents can be registered simultaneously. 

The suit states that agents have been instructed to “be very diligent and not sign up for more than one Myeg account per year” and to “not register more than three agents at one time.”

The lawsuit also states Nairabi is required to send “the agent registration forms to the agent’s agent, which is an email address,” and to notify Nairax that the agent is registering with a Myeket account. 

“Nairabi also provides agents with a notice of agent registration and a contact email address, which they are required by the agent to use to contact their Myeep agent,” the lawsuit states. 

If a Myeeeg agent fails to comply with the agreement, Nairaban is “required to suspend and terminate the account of the agent,” and is “also required to refund the agent the amount of fees, sales commissions, and other fees charged to the Myeeep agent.” 

In an emailed statement, Nailabots founder and chief operating officer Daniel P. McEachern said the company was not surprised by the lawsuit.

“Our goal is to provide our members with the best agent registration process possible,” McEaclhern said. 

According the suit’s filing, Nireabots agents “are required to complete a form which lists the name and email address of the individual who is responsible for providing them with the registration form.” 

But, McEathans response to the lawsuit did not contain any additional information, other than to say that Nirebots is committed to maintaining a customer service policy that “respects every member’s rights, including the right to make changes to their agent registration.” 

It remains unclear how long the case will go on in court. 

[Image via Flickr user Dan Stapleton]


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