T-Mobile Australia’s latest deal with Fiba is an exciting one

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The Australian Financial Review has reported that the latest deal between T-Mo and Fiba has just been announced, which will see the carrier upgrade its mobile network to Fiba’s network.

T-mobile has been working closely with Fizi-Tec since its launch last year and the carrier has been keen to partner with the telecommunications company in order to better its network.

Fiba recently launched its Fiba 2 network, which offers faster speeds, better data speeds, and more data than its previous network.

This will see T-mo and Fizihet-TEC both be able to provide faster speeds and more reliable data to T-mobiles customers.

This deal comes at a time when T-Mobiles is looking to ramp up its data speeds and has already said it plans to offer faster data speeds than any other carrier in Australia.

With Fiba having been launched earlier this year, T-Metro, TMobile’s local network, and Fisabox have all been upgraded in the same time.

TMobile has also recently added new roaming agreements with a range of other carriers, including Aussie Cellular and Nextel.

With T-Mobiles new mobile network now up and running, Fiba will be able offer its network to other operators as well.

The deal will also allow T-MO to increase its data service to Fiziat-Teco, which is currently using Fiba as a testing ground for its own network. 

The deal comes after T-mobiles previous deal with Telstra was not as successful as the first, but this new deal should mean it will have a lot of competition for mobile data in the future.

This latest deal comes as part of a major shakeup of the wireless industry, with the introduction of roaming plans and other features.

This is expected to see more mobile carriers including T-Tel, TMo, TZ and TUH offering roaming plans to customers in Australia, with more to come as the industry continues to evolve. 

What do you think about T- Mobile’s latest mobile network upgrade?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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