The Best Car Registration Agents in the World

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Car registration agents in India have the best rates in the world, according to a new study by an agent-training organisation. 

“We found that the agents in the UK and the US had the best experience and service with registration agents and they were very competitive,” the Indian-based agency agent recruitment firm, CPA, said in a statement. 

Its researchers looked at the rates and fees paid for registering cars, and how agents managed to secure their clients, as well as the average time to sign up for an agent and the average fee per car. 

The firm also looked at other agencies to gauge the quality of their service.

The best agents, according the report, are in India, but in terms of price, India’s agents are competitive with other countries, and have the lowest fees. 

For instance, a registered car in India can cost Rs 1.2 lakh ($1,865), whereas in the US it can cost between Rs 1,500 ($1.8) and Rs 1 — the CPA study found.CPA’s study found agents in most states had the lowest registration fees in the country, as a percentage of the total fees paid.

Agents were the cheapest in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, and were the least expensive in Odisha, Jharkhand and Rajasthan.

For some, it’s about the service, not the moneyIt’s important to remember that agents are people who work for you and can help you with registration.

For example, the agent may work for a car rental agency and help you get the vehicle registered, but it’s not a service.

For this reason, they should take into account the quality and experience of the agency, the firm’s statement said. 

CPA is not affiliated with any car registration agency, but the company is looking to bring greater transparency in the industry.

“In India, agents are often in the driver’s seat.

The agents can act as a point of contact for customers, provide advice, and make the registration process easier for customers,” the firm said.”

By bringing in more agents, the industry will improve and agents will become a part of the process and a vital part of a customer’s life,” the statement added.CPR’s findings come after a recent survey of the car rental industry by the US-based firm,, revealed that in India it costs more to register a car than in the United States, where the registration fee is only $10.

In India’s car rental market, agents can charge between Rs 2,500 and Rs 3,500 for a rental car.

The firm said its research showed the average number of registration fees paid was Rs 3.4 lakh per rental.

The firm’s report also said that it is common for agents to earn a premium rate in India.

The average agent’s fee is around Rs 1 lakh per car, the study found, while the average registration fee in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait was around Rs 4,000 per car and Rs 7,000 in Israel, the report said.


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