What do you know about the latest U.S. immigration law?

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By The Associated PressU.

S.-born immigrants have become the largest group of immigrants in the United States to gain permanent residency under the Obama administration, and the administration has increased the number of people applying for citizenship, including those who are undocumented.

The total number of immigrants applying for permanent residency increased to more than 5,500 in fiscal year 2016, up from 4,400 in fiscal years 2010 and 2009, the Census Bureau said Friday.

The number of immigrant households that receive citizenship has grown from 2,300 in fiscal 2010 to 4,300 now.

The Census Bureau also reported that the number who applied for permanent status in fiscal 2016 was slightly more than the previous year’s figure of 2,400.

The number of households receiving citizenship increased by nearly 5,000 to 3,300 households, up more than 6,000 from the previous two years.

The Census Bureau, however, did not include a breakdown of the immigration numbers of those living in a nonimmigrant household, as they are not included in its counts of immigrants.

The surge in immigration is likely to fuel tensions with Congress, which has pushed for stricter immigration policies.

The U.N. refugee agency says it has seen an increase in calls from U..

S citizens seeking asylum in the past year.

A surge of refugees fleeing violence in Syria and Iraq is also a concern, according to the agency.

The immigration issue has divided the Republican-controlled Congress, with several Republicans saying they want to keep the U.L.G.A. program intact.

Some Republicans have also expressed concern that granting citizenship to millions of people will be a boon to illegal immigration.