What to know about the new MSA Rugby league season

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The MSA will take the field in 2019 for the first time in almost a decade, with the Rugby League Association (RLA) in the lead and the MSA already set to set up shop in the country’s capital, Canberra.

The MSA is in a unique position.

Its only competition has a national league format and the two leagues are split into two divisions.

The divisional structure is the Mascot, which has five teams, while the Divisional, which consists of eight teams, has three divisions and each team has four players.

The two divisions are not played at the same time, but each team plays two games at home, and the third game is played at home.

The divisional format allows for a number of advantages for the Mavs.

It means that the MAvs are able to play in the same home base as their Divisional rivals and to play a number more games in their home division than they do in the Division.

For example, if the MAVs lose to the Division, they will only lose one home game instead of two, which would be a major advantage in a division that is currently the second-best home-field advantage in the competition.

The advantage is also that the divisions are geographically separated from each other and each side has a different set of resources.

The Mav’s home advantage in terms of players and facilities is also limited to that of the Division and they have the advantage of playing against their rivals, which could potentially make it easier for them to secure wins against them.

The disadvantage, however, is that the Division is not a home-ground advantage for the RLA, which means that when the Maserati A-League kicks off in 2019, the MAA and MSA could be separated.

The RLA have not revealed a date for the new league yet, but it will take place at the start of 2020.

It is hoped that the new format will allow the MDA and Mav to make a profit from the MCA and MCA will then sell the rights to the MGA, the two governing bodies in the game.

The league will start play in 2019 with eight teams in each division and two matches a week.

There are currently no plans for the next round of the competition to take place, although a return to the divisional system is still possible, with two games a week and a home semi-final and final.


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