What you need to know about the new Europamunde Agent Registration Scheme

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Vodafp and Vodasoft will be the first two new EU mobile phone companies to have registered for the new scheme, which will help them to comply with new EU laws and regulations.

As well as providing a means to register a mobile device, the scheme will also help new mobile phone providers comply with EU law, which was introduced last year.

The scheme is due to come into effect on 1 July, 2017, with a registration fee of €30, and will be valid for three years.

The scheme was designed to allow mobile phone operators to get their customers to switch from an existing mobile phone provider to a new one, as a way to encourage people to switch.

It is part of the EU’s efforts to combat mobile phone piracy, with the scheme aimed at deterring mobile phone users from illegally downloading copyrighted content from third parties.

It aims to encourage new entrants to use new mobile networks, as they are cheaper, easier to maintain and require less technical support.

The European Commission said the scheme would help new companies in several ways.

It would reduce the number of mobile phone subscribers by making it easier for them to switch operators.

It will also encourage new operators to use the new technology and increase competition by making the system easier for customers to use.

As part of this, it will encourage operators to offer their services to more customers.

The EU’s Mobile Telecommunications Policy aims to protect the consumer’s right to choose a mobile service provider.

Vodafo and Vodsoft have already been approved by the European Commission, and can now register for the scheme.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) is yet to rule on whether mobile phone use is illegal in the EU.


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