When do you need to register your own agent?

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The rules around registering agents are often complicated and confusing, and some agents are more willing to accept the government’s demands than others. 

In a letter to the Supreme Court on Wednesday, the Registrar General of Indian Agents (RGA) said agents can only register for a limited number of agencies.

The RGA said it is not allowed to register for more than one agency, including a foreign one.

“Any person who is in possession of an agent, other than the one which is registered, may only register that agent,” it said.

The RGA, however, said any agent may register for as many agencies as they wish.

The RGGA said agents should only register their agents for agencies where there is an agreed upon quota for the number of agents they would like to register.

If a quota has been agreed upon, the RGA may decide to accept an agent from an agency where no quota has yet been agreed, it said in the letter.

In a previous case in 2017, the Supreme Judicial Court had upheld the government of Maharashtra’s decision to grant more rights to foreign agents than Indian agents, ruling that a quota of one agent was not enough to meet the requirements.