When does it get cold outside? | The Weather Channel

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The weather channel’s latest Weather Report has been released, and it has been a very cold winter.

In the first quarter of the year, it has snowed on the ground in only one city, New York City, with the other cities having snow totals of more than 1 foot.

The National Weather Service’s monthly average snowfall for December was just over 2 feet.

That’s a significant decrease from the record snowfall of more like 3 feet for the third quarter of last year.

The snow has been coming to New York from a wide variety of directions, from the East Coast, and the Midwest, to the Pacific Northwest, and into Texas.

While the National Weather Bureau is calling the winter “unusually cold,” the average wind chill index is currently at around 20 degrees, meaning that it’s not cold enough to actually be cold.

That being said, the forecast is showing the area as one of the driest areas in the country, which makes sense since the weather has been pretty cold in the past.