When will you be able to rent a house in California?

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Posted February 11, 2019 07:01:22 The wait is finally over.

A California law passed last month allows landlords to register with a new, independent agency to help regulate their rental properties.

The Landlord and Tenant Board of California, which regulates all housing in the state, will be able begin to register a property as a “tenant agent” for the first time on Tuesday.

That means the board will be in charge of deciding how many properties a landlord can own.

It will also be able determine the amount of rent a landlord owes to tenants.

The new law does not change how landlords are able to register as agents.

In fact, the new law allows landlords with more than 20 rental properties to have their properties registered.

In California, the board is the only one that is empowered to set rent rates and determine the monthly rate of rent.

But the law is the first major step in a much broader overhaul of the rental industry.

It is designed to help make the rental market more competitive and reduce the number of people who rent.

Critics have long said that rent control is not working.

It doesn’t work, they say, because people who are renting in the U.S. are forced to pay higher rents than renters in countries with better rent control.

Rent control is also not working, because there is not enough rental housing in California to meet demand, said Sarah Davenport, an attorney who represents landlords in the lawsuit that led to the new legislation.

In the last few years, California has seen a surge in the number and number of rental properties under rent control, said Davenports, who is also an attorney with the Los Angeles-based National Low Income Housing Coalition.

Many of those properties were owned by single women or children.

A growing number of cities have introduced rent control ordinances that require a landlord to pay at least a 50% rent increase on all rental properties, which is the standard in many U.s. cities.

But rent control only applies to rent controlled buildings.

It does not apply to buildings with two or more units.

The legislation passed last week means that any owner who has more than 50 rental properties in the Golden State is now eligible for the new agency.

In the past, only a handful of cities required a property owner to be registered.

The California law is designed specifically for those cities.


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