Which agency is currently managing the new Google Play service?

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The Federal Trade Commission has been working with Google to get Google to remove the privacy policies that block it from selling ads.

That means Google will have to remove all the privacy settings on all its services from now on, including Gmail, Chrome, Chrome OS, and Android, in order to sell ads.

The FTC wants Google to do this by March 15, but it hasn’t gotten much progress so far.

The agency is now holding hearings, which will likely go until the end of the month.

The public hearing will be held on Thursday, March 17 at 1 p.m.

ET at the FTC’s Washington, DC headquarters.

The hearing will also feature representatives from major tech companies, as well as representatives from the companies’ privacy advocates, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and other consumer groups.

The goal of the hearings is to get companies to agree to a standard set by the FTC, rather than fighting each other in court.

It is unclear if Google will accept the FTC recommendations, but we can expect the company to agree.

Google has already agreed to remove privacy settings from its Google Play apps, so the company will have an easier time complying.

Google will still be able to sell ad-serving through the Play Store, and it will be able sell apps to the Google Play Store through the Chrome browser.

The companies will still need to agree on a standard for selling ads through the apps, as they will need to be able show ads in the Google Search results.

Google isn’t the only tech company that is looking to get rid of privacy settings.

Apple and Amazon have already made the switch.

Apple will be making the switch to removing privacy settings, and Amazon has made the same switch to moving to an advertising model.

Google is the only company that has made a public announcement about its plans to change the way ads are displayed, but the company has not made a similar announcement.