Why are you going to pay a fee to register for a newspaper?

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The Globe and Mail is offering a free online registration to anyone who registers to use the newspaper, as long as they also register to vote.

“For those who have registered to vote, we have also created a special ‘register to vote’ page on the Globe and mail,” said editor and publisher Kevin Donovan in a blog post on Wednesday.

“This page will give you a chance to sign up and then follow the steps to vote in the next federal election.”

The Globe has not set a price for the online registration, but the website charges $1.99 for a free month of access.

Donovan said the fee will help pay for new media, as well as provide “a platform to promote our content, and ensure that our journalism is relevant to the diverse voices of Canadians.”

“It is an important step to bring together a diverse and vibrant media landscape to reflect the diverse perspectives of Canadians and help us all live better, stronger and freer lives,” he said.

The Globe, which has more than 100 million monthly readers, has long been a target of right-wing criticism.

Critics say the newspaper is biased against Liberals, while others say the paper’s coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis is biased toward the Conservatives.

Last year, the newspaper’s board was forced to fire a reporter who covered the case of an alleged hate crime in Edmonton after the reporter received a letter from a Globe columnist who said the newspaper was biased in favour of the Conservatives and against refugees.

A Globe spokesperson did not respond to questions about the fee.


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